WARNING: This product contains nicotine derived from tobacco. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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How to Save Money Using Reusable Vapes

Posted by Vermillion River on 1/1/2022 to Vape Tips & Tricks
How to Save Money Using Reusable Vapes

Disposable vapes run around $15-$20 each and typically last around one or two days. Going through multiple disposable vapes in a week will immediately start to burn a hole in anyone’s pocket. Switching to a reusable vape can save you hundreds of dollars and will allow for more customization with flavor, power and nicotine content. A simple pod device for around $15 will give you the flexibility to choose from hundreds of different flavors. A bottle of e-liquid will cost as little as $16 and will last for weeks.

Compared to spending upwards of $50 a week on vapes that end up in the garbage, purchasing a $15 reusable vape will only cost around $20 a month to maintain (depending on usage). We are talking over a thousand dollars in annual savings just by starting to refill your own vape device!

(A refillable pod device)

Advantages of reusable vapes over disposable

Disposable vapes may be a great start for beginners because they require very little maintenance, however the cost of continually purchasing disposables will undoubtedly pile up. Aside from value, there are so many other advantages to reusable vapes. Switching to something we call an open-system reusable vape allows you to choose what type of e-liquid gets poured into the device. By selecting your own e-liquid you are opened to many more options of flavor and nicotine content.

Disposable vapes, like a pack of cigarettes, come with a fixed nicotine content that has been decided for you. Often this nicotine content is extremely high and can make some people sick. Switching to an open-system will allow you to be more selective with how much nicotine works for you. Switching to a more advanced vape device called a mod will allow for even more customization.

(Mod Device)

Mod devices allow you to choose between different heating elements which will customize the flavor of your e-juice even further. Mods also come with various other advantages like weather sealing and shock proofing. Regardless of which vape device you choose to go with, consider switching to an open system to maximize control over your vape experience and save money in the long run.

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