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Everything you need to know about Mechanical MODS and Manual Vaping

Posted by Dave Pettis on 11/15/2019 to Vape Tips & Tricks
Everything you need to know about Mechanical MODS and Manual Vaping

With the growing number of smokers, the world is staring at a health emergency today. There is a clear and immediate need to control the rising number of smokers or at least find a substitute to help people embrace a healthier lifestyle. 

Well, we do have an alternative - In an attempt to quit smoking and a corrective health measure, most of us are switching to, what are called to be e-cigarettes or MODS. If you are wondering, MODS are synonymous to vaping devices that can be controlled manually. 

What is a mechanical mod?


Broadly, MODS are classified as regulated and unregulated. The regulated MOD has easier functionality and is more beginner-friendly, facilitated with a chip and screen to display technical changes within the device. Our subject of interest, the mechanical mods, falls under the latter classification. 

The Mechanical or unregulated MOD is battery operated, eliminating a complex internal circuit board.  It is basically a metal tube with a battery and connecting coil that connects to a compartment filled with liquid. A 510-connector pin on top secures the vape and holds the liquid. On firing, the battery pushes power into the coil and heats up the liquid to produce vapes. 

The composition of the above elements can vary depending on the preferences of the vaper.  One can easily customize the mechanics, design and set up, parts etc for an enhanced vaping experience.

For example, Someone looking for more flavor and denser vapor (cloud chasers) can set sub-ohm levels (when atomizer coils have a resistance less than 1ohm) correctly is essential for the ones looking for more flavor and denser vapor (cloud chasers). 


How do mechanical MODs work?


To be able to use a mechanical MOD one must possess a higher than average technical know-how as they come with no safety features. An understanding of OHM’s law to help calculate the current running through the vape is absolutely essential. OHM’s law helps to decipher the current running across the device.

With knowledge of the same, one can build a vape of their own that is safe and sound. Knowing this would help you control the heat so that you don’t overheat you vape. In the above example, if the sub-ohm level is lower than required, the device can overheat and cause damage. 

  • Mechanical Mods are also more durable and non-breakable owing to a metal composition.
  • Thanks to a simple design, they are easy to fix. If you have built the vape on your own and it malfunctions, the part can simply be replaced and you are good to go.
  • An important thing to note is that Mechanical Mods don’t have screens or any additional gear that indicates the activity inside the device (wattage, voltage etc), it’s a set process where as and when the battery drains the pressure and intensity of the vapes diminishes. In this situation, the battery can be replaced by the user. It is user controlled and not circuit controlled. Changing the battery manually (to a battery with correct power) is the only option to rejuvenate your vape. 


[Caution: If you get the power of the battery wrong, it could overheat and lead to an explosion. So, attempt only if you are a mechanically and technically inclined person.]


It is important to note that if you have decided to opt for a mechanical MOD, ensure to use a box style mechanical mod, that has one safety feature, the Mosfet switch, that kills power when it detects a short. This ensures the safety of the user.

The parts of a mech mod need to be constantly cleaned as they start gumming. However, for the ones with a technical acumen and an understanding of the parts of the device, this shouldn’t be a task. When you are well aware of the parts of the vape, you can dismantle the device and carefully clean the parts. This increases the longevity of your device.


Are you ready to get a mechanical vape?

  1. UDT-V14 Mechanical Mod
    DT-V14 Mechanical Mod

  2. Kamry KTS GGST Mechanical Mod
    Kamry KTS GGST Mechanical Mod
  3. SMOK Tech Magneto Mod
    SMOK Tech Magneto Mod (Gold)


However, following are the imperatives to keep in mind before making that purchase decision:

  • A locking mechanism, to avoid the hazards of accidental firing.
  • A few small vent holes to release air pressure and to control temperature are essential
  • An adjustable airflow - to increase airflow for more vapours and decrease for more flavour.
  • Dual coil provision to reduce resistance by half and enhance the vapour experience.
  • The 510-connector pin needs to be insulated this avoids overheating and subsequent explosion.
  • An Ohm reader to measure coils resistance and a voltmeter to measure voltage (on the 510 pin) will avoid electrical mishaps.

Need to clean a vape coil? Here's some helpful advice on how to clean coils.

In addition to the above a few advantages of the competitor, the regulated mods must also be taken into account before making a purchase decision. Some of the advantages of regulated mod are:

  • The convenience of features and functionalities for beginners, like LED screens that indicate mechanical changes within the device.
  • Safety features like overheating protection, short-circuit protection are more suitable for the ones who have just started vaping. 

However, with Mechanical mods, one gets a customized vaping experience, with technical know-how one can customize his/her vape. Henceforth, to conclude, If you are an expert, you can opt for the unregulated MOD or mechanical MOD as it runs on battery. Conversely, in the case of beginners, it is highly recommended to use regulated ones. The display screen indicates the temperature and various other safety measures. This protects a user who does not possess technical know-how and understanding of electronics.

Smoking being a lifestyle for many of us, is not easy to abandon at the drop of a hat. However, having a substitute in place that offers lesser health hazards will surely help us in embracing a healthier lifestyle.

But most important is to make an informed decision pertaining to the substitute that we choose. Having weighed the pros and cons of both sides, you can now make a well researched decision about your vaping device or e-cigarette. Have a happy and healthy lifestyle!

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